AWS re:Invent Bets On AI, Hybrid Cloud

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 01, 2016


At the AWS re:Invent event, Amazon has announced a host of new services that highlight its commitment to enterprises. Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, emphasized on the innovation in the areas of artificial intelligence, analytics, and hybrid cloud.

At the key announcements made in Las Vegas, the company unveiled Amazon AI, the new service offers powerful AI capabilities such as image analysis, text to speech conversion, and natural language processing.

The major announcements were the first three services of the Amazon AI portfolio- image recognition, text-to-speech, and the natural language understanding that powers Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Rekognition provides image recognition, categorization and facial analysis in batch analysis or real time. For instance, it can detect sentiment and also whether someone is wearing eye gears.

Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech (TTS) service that is powered by deep learning. It takes a text input and converts it into an MP3 stream that is altered to sound more like actual conversation. For example, if the text contains “WA” the output might say Washington instead. New service called Amazon Lex was also announced, which powers Alexa.

Lex provides natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition.

The new tools would help enterprise customers can leverage the technologies to build nest generation of applications.

Jassy also informed that Amazon would be launching a new analytics product called Amazon Athena which is an interactive query service that allows users to analyze data in S3 using SQL. This significantly lowers the bar for everyday IT to utilize big data analytics to garner information.

AWS users will also get access to a preview of Amazon’s new FPGA instance family - F1 instances. This will allow users to run custom logic on EC2. Amazon Lixghtsail was unveiled through which one can make a way to make virtual private servers (VPS) easier to launch. Users choose from five bundles, name their server, and create it. Packages start at only $5 a month.

For IoT deployments, Jassy announced AWS Greengrass which embeds AWS Lambda compute and other AWS services in connected devices. This allows users to manage them from the AWS console.

At the AWS re:invent 2016, majority of the compute instance portfolio in AWS got an update, with the launch of new products.