B2B or B2C, CIOs must understand the changing role of IT

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 20, 2013

IT vision

Companies across industries realize information and communication technologies (ICT) play a critical role in increasing productivity and engaging customers.  In fact, more than 70 percent of companies surveyed by Frost & Sullivan are implementing at least one mobile worker application in an effort to meet business goals.  Frost & Sullivan finds leading firms in the ICT space are realizing the crucial need of impacting end-users, who are key audiences, whether in the enterprise or consumer setting.

“When speaking to major players in the IT space, we find their current shortfall is impact on key end-user markets,” said Frost & Sullivan ICT Global Vice President Alpa Shah.  “With smartphones and tablets intrinsically embedded in the user’s daily life, despite geographic location, solution providers must be prepared for the newest waves in mobility, accessibility and the ‘connected’ lifestyle.”

CIOs face numerous challenges, such as managing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, ensuring network security, managing big data, creating a cloud strategy, and keeping up with the perpetually changing needs of the modern worker. 

An annual survey on mobile enterprise applications found the top concern with cloud-based solutions is the security of data (based on responses from 308 North American businesses of all sizes).  For larger organizations, loss of internal control is almost equally as worrisome, while small and medium businesses rank anticipated cost as their second barrier to adoption.

With mobile phone owners spending upwards of 120 minutes per day on their devices, enterprises across every industry must understand this market saturation to capitalize on growing opportunities in areas such as mobile advertising, mobile commerce, in-store engagement, customer loyalty programs, and other examples of IT supporting business development.

“Organizations must understand best practices; identify unmet needs; and discover new models, technologies and strategies to gain a leading edge,” said Shah.  “History continually repeats itself, so we are focusing our efforts on a 360 degree research approach to avoid small and large falls from prominence.  A primary example is BlackBerry, which dominated the market with the latest in professional IT devices, with endearing terms like ‘CrackBerry’ to describe the consumer’s addiction to the device.”

Frost & Sullivan has recently introduced a Visionary IT Portal to interact with clients who are interested in the next big thing in ICT and help them improve their customer experience and value. The portal highlights perspectives and insights from Frost & Sullivan clients and analysts to engage in candid conversations on the state of the IT market, and how to best meet pressing needs now to make critical decisions in the future.