Bajaj Electricals Implements PortWise Security

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 06, 2004

In a bid to provide mobile users secure access to all applications and resources, Bajaj Electricals Limited, part of the Bajaj Group, has recently deployed SSL VPN and authentication solutions from Sweden-based PortWise.

Sharing details about the implementation with CXOtoday, G Sowminarayanan- senior network manager, Bajaj Electricals, one of the oldest companies in India, said, “Two months back we deployed PortWise mID and PortWise mVPN solutions in order to allow our mobile workforce to securely access all internal applications from any location and from any device.”

PortWise mID (mobile Identification) is an authentication server that is capable of offering four-user authentication methods, all on one server. On the other hand, PortWise mVPN is a combined Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN and Access Management solution where users can access resources and applications whenever and wherever they want it.

Disclosing the key benefits, he pointed out that the cost savings have been tremendous. Says Sowminaryanan, “Earlier, for leased lines we had to cough up Rs 2 lakh per annum as recurring charges. Moreover, the 100% uptime that it gives us is also another vital advantage.”

The lighting and domestic appliances company has purchased the solution for 50 users at a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Rs 4 lakh. In terms of ROI, Sowminarayanan emphatically stated that it has been immediate.

PortWise mVPN requires no client installation, configuration, or maintenance. In addition, since PortWise mVPN is able to traverse firewalls, proxies and routers, there are no obstacles for users to get factual and secure remote access.

Shedding light on the reasons that made the company chose PortWise, Sowminarayanan said, “The final choice of selection of products boiled down to the needs of our company. In the case of other products, we were uncomfortable with the fact that our mobile users would have to rely compulsorily on PCs for accessing the applications. However, PortWise solutions takes care of the issue as users get universal application access from any device.”

“Secondly,” continued Sowminarayanan, “unlike solutions from other vendors, PortWise provides users with access to backend applications such as e-mail, CRM, ERP, financial systems within our network.”

PortWise, which is a global provider of SSL VPN and remote authentication solutions, was officially launched in November last year.

According to Kaushik Thakkar, co-founder and vice president-strategic development, PortWise AB, “Ever since our launch, we have managed to register several customer wins. The overall response from India has been much better than expected, and I think this is due to the building up of our infrastructure,” felt Thakkar.

Disclosing further he said, “We currently have about 55 running pilots and in our latest monsoon campaign we have managed to sign up approximately 100 customers for our products.”

Carving the future roadmap, Thakkar stated, “We plan to further expand and increase the head count in India for sales and post sales. If everything goes as planned, we will very soon announce a couple of large customer deals, as well as some alliances.”

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