Bangalore Set To Go WiFi

by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 31, 2006

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India will soon turn into a WiFi Zone that will provide easy and seamless Internet access to enterprise, government and private users.

Commenting on the “Unwire Bangalore project”, state IT secretary M K. Shankaralinge Gowda informed CXOtoday that the joint effort of the government of Karnataka, Intel, and Internet Service Providers would provide a city-wide infrastructure for seamless integrated wireless digital environment.

“The wireless policy that facilitates the WiFi initiative in Bangalore will soon set us on par with cities like San Jose, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Taipei. The first phase of the project, which is going live soon, aims to create an integrated wireless digital community covering a radius of 50 km,” he said.

Commenting on potential benefits, he pointed out Wireless Bangalore would enable citizens to enjoy broadband in their homes, offices, as well as schools and public places whether it was for personal, business or public usage.

“It took some time for the government and many industry leaders to believe that WiMax was the way to go, more so because hardware was available at an affordable price. However we have all realized that faster technology adoption is critical for economic growth,” he said, commenting on decision-making impediments.

Gowda informed that currently Bangalore has over 200 hot-spots. “We’ll leverage on the existing optic fibre cable network that lies around the city to run this project, thereby making WiFi /WiMax the last mile access,” he said.

According to Surendra Arora, Director, Asia Pacific solutions group, Intel,
“The project uses a combination of WiMAX and WiFi technologies that provides the access to Internet without cable wires, modems or dial-up devices. While WiFi ’s range is measured in meters, WiMax’s range is measured in miles, offering a handy link to entire neighborhoods or rural communities.”

Arora feels that India is all set to ride the coming wave of WiMax technology, which will extend the net’s reach, faster, across greater distances, as it is designed to work at distances of up to 31 miles.

“After exploring the potential of wireless technologies in Uttaranchal, with a successful private-public partnership, the Bangalore project too will come up with flying colours with the city having an excellent fibre optic grid,” said a confident Arora.

The Wireless Bangalore is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2006.

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