Be Proactive & Ask For Recognition

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Jun 17, 2016

IT industry is predominantly led by males. However, the trend is drastically changing in recent years with a large number of women executives heading top positions in the organizations. No doubt that women participation in the board room is increasingly increasing, there is a long way to go women equally participating in the technology jobs along with their male counterparts. 

Preethi Menon, VP & Head of Enterprise Application Practice at Clover Infotech says that increasing role of women executives in the technology filed is a great trend setter in the industry, but still huge amount of traction can happen in terms of women performing stable and long term roles in the organizations. 

Menon, who comes with an extensive industry experience of around 19 years, and 13 years with Clover Infotech in various roles believes that woman are gifted with the ability of multi-tasking and prudent decision making. However, the professional success of women is largely depand on how they build and nurture the support system around them. 

Menon an enthusiastic, analytical and technologically updated individual, who heads the Enterprise Applications Practice at Clover Infotech advises women to be proactive and do not hasitate to ask for recognition for their contribution to the organization.