Be Wary of Your Online Posts: Experts

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 07, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other venues can present numerous opportunities to sabotage your hunt for a job or promotion, especially at a time when employers can afford to be choosey, say career counsellors

According to Kurt Weyerhauser, an executive recruiter at Kensington Stone in Los Angeles, demean characters online by the potential candidate can become roadblocks to being hired, regardless of the candidate’s ability to perform the basic functions of the job.

Hiring people with that demean public record online may even put a company in legal jeopardy, he added.

According to Weyerhauser, in some US states, hiring or promoting people who have exhibited drug use or racist or sexist attitudes could constitute negligent hiring or negligent retention,

Weyerhauser warned that people concerned about their careers should be extra careful about what they post on the Internet especially during a recession.