Being CIO - The MindTree Way

by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 15, 2005

With ever-tighter budget and time-to-market stringencies, leveraging the right technology to drive process improvements and operational efficiency has become a key concern for today’s CTO/ CIO.

In an informative discussion with CXOtoday, Subroto Bagchi, COO and Vinod Deshmukh, CTO, MindTree, explains the evolving trends in today’s enterprise and the role of the company in addressing the CTO/ CIO needs.

Since IT needs to be aligned with the business, today’s CIO is part of the broader business strategy, said Deshmukh.

On new challenges, he said, “With investments in different ERP, CRM and operational initiatives, enterprises have, over the years, created silos of information. However now what needs to be addressed is that these systems must interact with each other and provide a seamless view to customers and partners.”

On the role of MindTree in this space, he informed that the company has helped drive an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) effort in which it identifies and maps business processes that must be made more efficient, determines the appropriate architecture and leads the CIO through a tool selection process.

“We further develop the appropriate application interfaces and adapters, implement the overall EAI solution in an organization and also quantify the benefits,” added Deshmukh.

Recently, MindTree has licensed NEC Corporation of Japan to deploy its Bluetooth Wireless technology into its GSM mobile phones.

Deshmukh informed that some of NEC’s GSM phones would port MindTree’s Bluetooth stack and profile for short-range wireless features. Moreover, the company receives royalty payments on every NEC mobile phone that ports MindTree’s Bluetooth IP.

MindTree’s Bluetooth solutions include the EtherMind Upper Stack and a range of profiles, the BlueWiz Baseband Controller and the Bluetooth Software Tester, he said.

The company also unveiled a new analog integrated circuit (IC) with Intelligence charging capabilities for lithium ion batteries, commonly used in handheld mobile devices, which has been developed for a leading Asian manufacturer of semi-conductor devices for wireless products.

The other innovative endeavor of MindTree has been a ‘CIO Toolkit’ for the CTO/ CIO’s and IT-managers to better handle leadership challenges by leveraging highly effective training and development modules, rigorous methodologies, and advanced technology solutions.

Bagchi too felt that the role of a CIO/ CTO in the past two decades has experienced a paradigm shift, especially as technology plays a strategic role in an organization. His success is no longer based solely on technical competency, but increasingly so on an ability to lead, innovate and manage.

“The CIO Toolkit addresses the crucial needs of today’s technology officers by building a knowledge roadmap for the organization, that is to enable CIOs to leverage knowledge management to become thought leaders instead of mere implementers. Further it would empower CIOs to design roadmaps for long-term competency development through various leadership exercises,” he said.

With clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to enterprise software organizations, the company plans to further intensify its technology solutions and outsourced R&D services with its innovative IT approaches in India and across the globe.