Best of CXOtoday's Interviews, 2008

by Tabrez Khan    Dec 30, 2008

CXOtoday has compiled a list of thought-provoking and interesting interviews for 2008. Each interview has been selected based on breadth of perspective, depth of information and lucidity.

The world is moving closer to becoming unwired - Enterprise mobility and WiFi are all the rage today. A technologist provides key insights into WiFi developments and their impact on enterprise IT, which are quite fascinating. Paramjit Puri, National Manager, Cisco

"IT Cannot Exist on its Own"-A CIO’s perspective of business-IT alignment and innovative ways of handling information security threats is an interesting read . CN Ram, then the CIO at HDFC Bank

"New Technologies are Often Hyped"-A CIOs perspective on what he looks for in new technologies, what attracts him to them and how he cuts the wheat from the chaff when it comes to selecting vendors and products, is an interesting read . Pravir Vohra, Head-IT, ICICI Bank

"Growth in India may come down by 1-3%"-The global meltdown has made a deep impact on the Indian IT sector. IT bellwether Infosys’ take on the likely damage it is likely to cause to the Indian IT growth story is an insightful read . V Balakrishnan, CFO, Infosys

"IT helps us innovate and improve": A CIOs perspective on how IT enables business, also gives you an insight into how IT transitions from one IT leader to another, an interesting read. Anil Jaggia, CIO, HDFC Bank

Terrorists Leave Footprints on Cyberspace-A unique perspective on how IT can be utilized to counter the threat of terrorism. Ashish Sonal, CEO, Orkash

"We focus on what’s right for the customer"-Saas is among one of the hottest topics in enterprise IT today, and when SaaS pioneer Salesforce talks, it is worth a read .Steve Russell, CEO,

"CIOs need to think about compliance holistically"-Regulatory compliance among enterprises shows a positive impact on the quality of the products and services offered by them. This interview shows you how. . Shellye Archambeau, CEO, Metricstream
‘We have the first-mover advantage’-Virtualization pioneer VMware’s take on what makes it uniquely positioned to maintain the virtual edge and also what it would mean for businesses .Ganesh Mahabala, regional director, VMware

 "A company may be unknowingly committing piracy"-This interview gives you insights and little known statistics related to the world of piracy and how your company may be unwittingly supporting it. .Lizum Mishra, director, BSA