Best Tech Companies To Work for In 2017: Glassdoor

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 07, 2016


At the end of each year, Glassdoor releases its list of the best places to work among large U.S. employers. Now in its ninth edition, the list includes some prominent names in the industry, including Facebook at No.2, and management consulting firm Bain & Company at No.1. The social networking giant had taken the No.1 spot in the years 2011 and 2013, but had slipped to No.5 last year. What the list also depicted overall, was the the tech industry had a good run with its employee connect, where 20 of the top 50 companies to work for in the US, included technology names. Apple and Google, part from Bain & Company were the names to be included consecutively for all the 9 years thus far.

As Glassdoor’s Allison Berry had mentioned to Mashable, “(The tech industry) really pioneered this whole idea of providing really fantastic benefits and offering very competitive compensation. It’s been interesting to see other companies that are outside of the space following through.” Though technology itself has done well, the list is also proving to be a testament of how things are also going downhill, especially those looking to scale up operations, which make employees have a more disturbed work-life balance, and lesser cordial relations with company management. Berry said, “As companies try to scale, you see less transparency. Employees are putting in longer hours and you might see less work-life balance, and employees aren’t as confident as career procession.”

- Facebook

Ranked at No. 2, one of Facebook’s software engineers in Menlo Park, California wrote, “From its openness to its diversity, Facebook has truly surpassed all tech companies in terms of culture, perks, and employee lifestyle.” Facebook is known to be connecting with it’s employees closer than ever before, resulting in the higher rankings.

- Google

Ranked at No.4 on the list, the work culture seems to the highlight of the search engine giant. A Google software engineer in Mountain View, California wrote in, “Smart people, data-driven decisions and culture, a mission I can feel good about when I go to sleep every night. This is as good as it gets.”

- LinkedIn

Employers looking to fit in the right employee to the right job, rank higher in the list of employees as preferred place to work. A LinkedIn Product Markting Manager mentioned, “They truly invest in the professional development of employees. Very proactive at making sure that you’re in a role you want to be in. Their benefits are fantastic.” 

- Adobe

A combination of culture, benefits, and work atmosphere gets employers higher ratings, as an Order Management Employee at Adobe in Lehi, Utah said, “Great company culture, benefits and overall atmosphere to work. People are very open, knowledgeable and potential for advancement is very much available.”


Offering variety in a position or offering new positions within the company, can make employees rate their employers higher. An account manager at Chicago, Illinois gave the feedback, “A lot of career growth opportunities and the ability to move into new roles and new groups. A company that truly values its employees and treats them well. Great benefits.”

- Concur

Concur, an SAP company and a provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, jumped to the 24th spot among all U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees. This marks the second consecutive year Concur has ranked in the top 50. 

“Since Concur’s inception, we have focused on fostering a collaborative, dynamic and transparent global workplace and culture where our people are inspired to do their best work,” said Mike Eberhard, president, Concur. “It is a great honor to receive this feedback from our employees and be recognized as one of the best places to work in the U.S.”

- Salesforce

Employers’ maturity in managing their employees also make a difference to employer ratings on forums like Glassdoor. A Senior Director in Salesforce, based out of San Francisco, California mentioned, “My coworkers are smart, motivated, and talented. We have fun! And, the culture is not one of the 60-90 hour work weeks. People here are more mature.” 

- Intuit

Innovation and creativity from all corners of an enterprise, also act as a positive signal for employees to be participating in new innovations, and mentally motivates them towards the same. Intuit Director from Mountain View, California said, “Everyone is encouraged to innovate - not just engineers. It’s expected, it’s supported and we cherish the learnings - good or bad. We have some of the brightest people I’ve ever worked with in my career.”

- Apple

Great ideas push the world forward. And they can come from anywhere, according to Apple Inc., which relies on its employees’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives to spark innovation. As Tim Cook says: “Apple has always been different. It’s a special place where we have the opportunity to create the best products on earth — products that change lives and help shape the future. It’s a privilege we hold dear.”

For most, the company offer new opportunities, and create a future generation of employees as diverse as the world around us. We also aspire to make a difference beyond Apple, even though strict deadlines and stress are part of employees’ life, believe some.