Bharti Launches India's First Broadband WiFi

by Swapna Khanna    Dec 19, 2003

Bharti Infotel Limited, has launched a WiFi service over DSL, in Delhi, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka circles.

The service will involve a Wireless Access Point bundled with Bharti’s DSL connection.

With the launch, Touchtel has become the country’s first fixed line service provider of Wireless broadband services for residential and SME customers.

In the first phase, the DSL with WiFi offer is being provided for wireless surfing at homes and the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and SMEs.

As the number of Wi-Fi enabled laptops increase, Bharti Infotel intends to deploy WiFi at public places including airports, exhibition centers, restaurants, commercial buildings and malls.

Bharti Infotel, is also jointly working with Intel, to promote the usage and deployment of newer technologies and development of applications for wireless broadband services in the enterprise and home segments.

In addition, Bharti Infotel also plans to foray into the 4th Generation broadband wireless services, of which trials have been completed in Bangalore, Mumbai and Cochin.

Badri Agarwal, President, Bharti Infotel Limited, said, “Convenience and good experience is the key to increased adoption and usage of broadband. With this objective, Touchtel DSL is now available at minimum speed of 128 Kbps, thus ensuring enriched surfing experience. We havealso made broadband experience affordable by launching of DSL packages for 128 Kbps DSL at Rs 550 per month.”

The initial installation charge is Rs 14,995, and DSL monthly charges will be applicable as per the Touchtel DSL plan chosen by the customer.

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