BI & GRC Top Priorities for Indian CIOs

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 25, 2009

Indian CIOs appear to be more progressive compared to their global counterparts says IBM’s CIO Study 2009.

The study surveyed around 2500 CIOs from across the globe on their priorities and the challenges faced by them.

The India Point of View (PoV) of the study reveals that Indian CIOs are looking to ‘make innovation real’ and ‘expand business impact’ for their respective organizations.

Some of the key findings of the India PoV of the CIO Study 2009 were:

* 70% of Indian CIOs are integrating business and technology to promote innovation for the entire organization as compared to 47% of global CIOs.

* 64% Indian CIOs proactively push IT as an innovation element compared to 55% of global CIOs.

* 64% of Indian CIOs anticipate standardized and low-cost business processes to be a reality within their organization. Repeatability and simplicity seem to be more important than the unique character of the process itself. Only 53% global CIOs share this view.

* Three-fourth (76%) of both global as well as Indian CIOs foresee a strongly centralized infrastructure over the next five years.

* Over 70% Indian CIOs expect to explore newer channels for end-customer interactions and anticipate greater levels of integration and transparency with customers in the next five years. Global responses rank between 56-64%.

One key area where Global CIOs rank ahead of Indian CIOs is around proactively crafting data into actionable information. However, this is also an area which both global and Indian CIOs have ranked as No. 1 for their visionary plans for future.

56% of Indian CIOs decide on business strategy as a member of the senior management team. Globally, this number is only 33%. According to the study, the starkest contrast between what global CIOs and Indian CIOs pointed out among their top most challenges for future was — Budgets!  45% of Global CIOs saw this as a challenge v/s only 28% of Indian CIOs. Clearly, IT budgets aren’t something that is bothering Indian CIOs as much as their global peers.

The study also pointed out the key visionary plans for the future. According to Indian CIOs interviewed as part of this study, the top three priority areas for future were:

* Business Intelligence & Analytics
* Risk Mitigation & Governance
* Virtualization

Indian CIOs also gave significantly higher ranking to areas like Green IT as compared to global peers. Concepts such as SOA/Web services and BPM, fairly new concepts within the last five years for most CIOs, have obtained a firm position in the top innovation list in this study.

When asked about the key challenges for future, the Indian CIOs listed below as the top three:

* Business model change
* Technological factors
* Security factors