BI to Manage Unstructured Data in Emails

by Sonal Desai    Jul 03, 2009

Mithi, one of the players in the email and collaboration market in India, is developing a business intelligence solution to manage unstructured data in emails.

Its product - Mithi Connect Server - is based on an Open Source Software (OSS) platform.

"Email carries lot of valuable unstructured data that cannot be managed into a database. We are trying to develop BI into the system, which will mine all this data into a structured format. Currently at the beta level, we want to release it for the enterprise customer by end-December 2009," said Ashish Kotamkar, vice president-marketing at Mithi.

The company is also working toward how the structured data will be presented, said he. "Working on complete open source platform, we are taking components and integrating them with the email that floats, is accessed and is stored."

Citing an example of how BI will help businesses, Kotamkar said that all teams across a corporate have to collaborate across one central group - the customer. "These BI tools will enable all organisations within the enterprise to understand key customer behaviour, his needs, etc and enable each organisation to set patterns or devise strategies to work on."

The tool would be offered on a subscription basis.

Meanwhile, Mithi is also working toward enhancing email experience of its customers by making it more secure.

Said Kotamkar, "We look at the email in a slightly different way. While people are spending millions of dollars to deal with spam, and yet remain insecure, we’re giving users a lot of control. Users determine their white and black list. We’re giving them two broad choices: one, to accept everything and deny few things, and two, everybody else is a rogue except people I know. Hence everything else goes into bulk folder. The user can go to the bulk folder at his convenience and add new friends in his contact list. We have just started implementing this at a few customer places."

The company has presence in the healthcare, R&D establishments, financial institutions, educational institutions, government, software, defence, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, agro industries, logistics, media, Internet service providers, etc.

Some of its customers include United India Insurance Company, the Aditya Birla Group, Indian Bank, Kalyani Steels, Tata Projects, HCL Infinet, First Source, and ITC e-choupal. Installations spanning over 40 cities in India and abroad are maintained, monitored and managed remotely from Mithi’s support centre at Pune, according to the company Website.