Big Data Analytics Firm Dataiku Expands Into Asia Pacific

by Swaminathan B    Nov 07, 2017


Singapore: Dataiku the software developer behind the predictive analytics software platform, Data Science Studio (DSS), has today announced its intention to accelerate the expansion in Asia Pacific.

This move comes in support of more customers in Asia Pacific, such as Samsung and Hyundai Steel in Korea, and the adoption of academic licenses by top universities such as National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore.

“Organizations in Asia Pacific are rapidly building up their complex data analyzing and relationship predicting capabilities. With Antoine at the helm, I am confident that he and his team will provide excellent support to our current customers, while strengthening Dataiku’s presence and partnerships in this region,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO  and co-founder of Dataiku.

Speaking further on the Asia launch, he said that Asia being one of the fastest growing areas, Dataiku is also in talk with lot of government agencies in Singapore and feels that the response so far is commendable.

Speaking about the data-accuracy and localization, Douetteau said that a data is first tested and expanded step by step which will give the user a global experience. Also, Dataiku’s price range starts from USD 50 Thousands and the user can expand as per their needs and claims some of their solutions are as simple as an excel sheet. Dataiku has appointed its regional lead, Albert Antoine, a veteran AI and data scientist based in Singapore.  

“I am privileged to work with Dataiku and Florian’s exceedingly brilliant team of researchers and technologists. The capabilities of Dataiku’s solutions will find tremendous traction in many organizations, especially in governments, critical infrastructures, utilities, tertiary institutions, software enterprises, and so on. I look forward to growing the Dataiku presence in Asia Pacific, starting in Singapore where I called home for the last 26 years,” says Antoine, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Dataiku. Antoine, further explaining about the road map in the region, said, the primary focus on the region other than Singapore will be Korea and Japan where manufacturing is strong and in many places IoT is taking the center stage.

“Our driving philosophy at Dataiku is the idea that everyone should be able to contribute or gather insight from data science,” said Douetteau.

“We adhere to this because, in today’s world, we know that the most competitive data-driven organizations are the ones that make the most of all of their data, and the most effective way to do this is to empower people to use the tools they know best. This is why we strive to deliver the best possible platform for collaboration that also combines the most advanced data science and machine learning technologies.”

Dataiku has many manufacturing, e-commerce and tech companies in their list of clients and assures security of the organization’s data. As of now, Dataiku is going for direct sales. However, it is open for implementation through channel partner on a case-to-case basis.