Solix Gearing Up For A Data-Driven Future In India

by Moumita Deb Choudhury    May 02, 2017


Big Data provider Solix Technologies believes that the future of business lies in being data driven and doing real time analytics and to garner opportunities, next generation technologists have to be influenced and made aware, while the focus needs to revolve around new technologies.

Sai Gundavelli, Founder & CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc. said, “India holds a massive opportunity. Times have changed, over the last 20 years, business were built across services economy based on the likes of sequel servers or oracle servers, but now they have become legacy technologies. The future now is all about how we can play in real time analytics and how can you be a data driven organization. From then to now, the game has become different.”

India is a potential market for Solix, as all the fortune 500 companies to some extent have outsourcing in India. Influencing the people in Bangalore, can influence the entire fortune 500 companies, Gundavelli explained.

Big Data and Banking

One of the sectors which is undergoing a rapid digital transformation is undoubtedly BFSI. Gundavelli opined that banking sector will see a sea change in the coming few years. As ecommerce players such as the Amazon or Flipkart has changed how the retail industry operates, banking will transform itself completely to become virtual. The very face of banks what we understand today will vanish and banks will only be understood as mobile phones and ATM machines.That is the future I am seeing,” he said.

Data Need of Government

With major customers including Maruti, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant; Solix aims to tap in larger markets in India.

Even the Government is looking for enhanced technologies to improve various sectors of the state,” Gundavelli said, emphasizing on new market opportunities.

“For instance, on the agricultural backdrop, the state government requires information such as what fertilizers, seeds and other manures are best suited for a certain plantation, we can help them with all the data to churn out appropriate information for best results.”

Data Driven Healthcare

Gartner stated in its 25 April 2016 “Predictive Algorithms That Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are Using to Improve Outcomes” report, “Healthcare transformation and modernization globally are focused on patient enablement and personalized medicine, proactive management of high-risk populations, and real-time insights and actions.”

“The dawn of big data has created many new opportunities to improve all facets of healthcare operations, but also several challenges, forcing healthcare providers to adapt,” said Dev GnanaDev, Chairman of surgery at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and former president of California Medical Association. “Establishing a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management framework through a common data platform ensures that healthcare organizations are better prepared to take these challenges head on.”

“Big data and analytics play a significant role in measuring and managing healthcare outcomes, and the Solix Common Data Platform for Healthcare is well suited for this move” said Raj Popli, Director Healthcare Business at Solix Technologies, Inc.

The California-based company which started its journey in India in 2002 aims to benefit every sector with data and analytics. The founder believes that inspiration is the key to progress and India is dotted with smart techies. The country is a great market as well and should work towards building smart technologies and next generation analytics so that they are never crushed upon.