Big Data spending to drive SDM market growth

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 16, 2013

Big data

Infonetics Research pips the subscriber data management (SDM) market to grow very strong in the coming years owing to large spending on Big Data by telecommunication operators on both mobile and fixed-line software and services. In its biannual report published recently, the study revealed that as of 2012, global investment in SDM solutions jumped by 45 percent to reach $792 million.

Infonetics analyst Shira Levine said that Big Data continued to exert its influence on the telecommunications sector, prompting network operators to take a more aggressive approach in their SDM strategies. This includes pushing beyond networks to add data sources such as operations support systems (OSS), billing and customer care. “As a result, there is steadily growing demand for solutions making it possible to improve consolidation of subscriber data. The trend is also fuelling interest in tightly integrating SDM and policy so that operators can close the loop and sharpen the focus of their policy decisions,” said Levine.

The report also showed operators are becoming increasingly eager to assume the part of trusted identity providers. This involves their participation in authentication and authorisation transactions as mediators between customers and third parties (retailers, banking institutions and over-the-top providers). Infonetics also noted that the 3GPP user data convergence (UDC) standard has been slow in spreading but is now building momentum across developed markets. The report revealed that the rise of analytics as a focal point in SDM strategies developed by operators will play to the advantage of SDM suppliers with robust capabilities in that area.