Bill Gates on a Free Wheel

by Muntazir Abbas    Jul 24, 2009

Speaking on the fifth anniversary of Microsoft Research Center in India, Bill Gates, chairman of software giant Microsoft was on a virtual free wheel. He spoke on issues close to his heart and much more.

On R&D and Collaboration

We are committed to build a world-class research facility in India. We need a breakthrough in research, and should make computers that can understand spoken language, and can speak. A rigorous research is required, although we do not expect things to happen quickly.

Microsoft India research center is making contribution to R&D faster than expected. We have confidence that we can make new products. The sectors like computer science, energy and healthcare needs innovation. The company employs more than 19,000 individuals. Our research group continues to grow, and is the largest and most respected in the industry. We are collaborating with universities, and it s not only a lip-service, but a design to create innovation.


We have to make engineering advances for low-cost computing, artificial intelligence and networking. The collaboration across the labs is amazing, which is being facilitated by ICT. Microsoft laboratories throughout the world are doing well for us. There are number of problems that can be addressed by IT. We can use mobile phones for healthcare and banking. Not only Microsoft, but our foundation is using IT. We have published 200 research papers, and a lot of it has come from lab in India. We are optimistic to deal with complex software.
Agriculture Sector

Now a single computer is shared by multiple devices, and we are working with content developers, and focusing on agriculture sector. We are going digital green, getting videos that can facilitate local farmers, and dissimilate information and farming technology through DVDs. We can impact the life of people through the usage of technology.

Windows 7 & Google

Our mapping capabilities can be used for making landmarks and the breakthrough will continue to improve. Our Windows 7 is about to ship, and we have a funny competition with Google.

HRD/Higher Education

Free exchange of talent is important, and the immigration department in US is troubling. Microsoft has deep commitment for R&D, and is a key thing for us. Innovation can make a difference. Microsoft Research is focusing on top skills, and India needs to increase its PhD scholars. In US, there are 70,000 engineering graduates and 1500 PhDs. We are getting good support from the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.