BlackBerry dons a Twitter hat. Too late?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 28, 2013


BlackBerry is trying hard to bring back its lost mojo. The company is now taking its popular messaging platform BBM a step further with BBM Channels, a new functionality unveiled by the company this week. “We’re again expanding the capabilities of the service (BBM) to provide a deeper real-time engagement experience for people to connect with brands, business, and communities that matter most to them,” says the company.

BBM Channels allows individuals and groups to create a dedicated channel/page and share information and updates through it. BBM users can use this channel to connect and broadcast info about themselves or join their favorite communities and share their experiences of the channel with their BBM contacts.

Doesn’t this sound very similar to Facebook or Twitter? While BBM was already popular as a live chat service, the concept of creating a channel or dedicated page has been evidently borrowed from Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps another attempt by the ailing giant to lure back the younger generation.  

A company that was once seen as a promising tech start-up that pioneered many smartphone innovations now seems struggling to find its feet. Once a darling of the business community, the company had inspired a whole new generation with its many firsts. Now it is to borrow ideas to keep up with the changing market.

The launch of BBM Channels also aims to monetize the BBM platform by getting big brands to use it to connect with potential consumers. On an optimistic note, even if this idea works to the advantage of BlackBerry, it may not be just enough. The company will have to do a lot more if it has to really move ahead on the revival path.

At a time when social platforms like Twitter are also struggling to increase their user base, BlackBerry’s late entry into this domain may not even inspire too many users!

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