Blue Coat Bets on ADN to Grow in Enterprise Space

by Soma Tah    Jul 03, 2009

Blue Coat is refocusing on the enterprise market with the Application Delivery Network (ADN) solutions promising visibility, security and acceleration for the enterprise network infrastructure. 

"India is very good market for visibility and security but WAN optimization still a nascent market in India at this point of time. The pain in the enterprises is not great in WAN optimization as it is in other countries," said Christopher Casey, director (Service Provider Business) Asia Pacific. 

"Selling security and visibility is a much easier task in any given sector. Typically in any downturn, security still stands up as a technology purchase by most companies. Despite pitching our entire ADN solution portfolio to the users, we actually end up finalizing only one or two solutions in the beginning," said Casey. 

The vendor wants to target Fortune 100 and fortune 500 firms and hence planning an increased investment into Indian market henceforward. It has already tripled its workforce in the sub-continent this year.
"We have seen tractions across all the verticals including government, defence, education, BPO, logistics, software development houses, retail, core engineering and core manufacturing.  But adoption by the service providers and FSI are slightly ahead of other verticals," said Casey.

The current economic climate has not been able to affect its business much in the enterprise space. Enterprisers are obviously started negotiating more, but the company has not seen any significant delay in the decision making process. "We are actually benefiting from this downturn in some aspects, as our visibility and acceleration solution has a very high ROI benefits and most companies are enjoying 12 months or less ROI by deploying our technology," said Casey.

"Our next phase of growth is expected from our partnership with GSI (Global System Integrator) and MSPs," said Casey. 

Blue Coat will also enable service providers to support their cloud offerings, "An increasing number of our service provider partners like BT, AT&T and Tata are building datacenters to cater to the growing SME space and are using our technologies. We have a cloud strategy for security services as well. Blue coat Web Pulse is a cloud based security update service," Casey said further.

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