Blue Coat to secures mobile enterprises

by CXO News Desk    Jul 17, 2012

mobile securityIn a bid to prevent security breaches by unsanctioned mobile applications on the corporate network, Blue Coat Systems, a provider of web security and WAN optimisation solutions introduced mobile applications controls in the India market.

According to Ambarish Deshpande, Managing Director – India Sales, with more employees bringing their own devices to work, there is a growing need for enterprises to manage their mobility needs. “The growth of BYOD initiatives in India has created a situation where CIOs/IT managers are facing a deluge of untrusted, unmanaged devices and applications on the corporate network,” said Deshpande.

Keeping in mind the need to secure mobile enterprises, Blue Coat through its mobile application controls give Indian administrators the ability to not only determine which applications are allowed on the network, but also to what extent mobile device users are able to interact with those applications.

To prevent unauthorised use of the corporate network, Blue Coat mobile application controls uniquely extend to mobile applications the same granular operational controls the company provides for web-based applications. This enables businesses to set policies around specific functions within both web-based and mobile applications and also enforce policy across all devices so as to regain control over the applications on their network.

For example, a business that wants to mitigate unintentional leaks of confidential or secure location information could set a policy for Twitter that prevents employees from sending tweets but allows full reading or monitoring access. The mobile application controls extend that web-based application policy to the Twitter mobile application, allowing read-only access across all devices on the network.

The mobile application controls are automatically updated through the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defense and available to enterprises with current support contracts.