Blue Dart Deploys PacketShaper to Manage Networks

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 23, 2009

Blue Dart, South Asia’s largest logistics company, has deployed BlueCoat’s PacketShaper appliance to gain visibility and better control over their network.

Prior to the deployment, Blue Coat had to increase their bandwidth every year to ensure applications worked optimally. They relied on Layer 2 and layer 3 information to optimize their network, which could not provide in-depth visibility into the applications running on the network.  

"With PacketShaper appliances, we are optimizing our bandwidth by effectively monitoring and managing our applications.  As a result, we have not only realized a full return on our investment in less than a year but also were able to deploy video conferencing in our branch offices without adding additional bandwidth," said Gautam Sen, senior manager (electronic network) at Blue Dart.

Blue Dart can now set bandwidth limits, classify and prioritize business-critical applications, and maintain quality of service levels on an application basis from a single integrated workspace. This enables Blue Dart to optimize its network and reclaim bandwidth for more strategic use. 

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