Bluetooth In Cars

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 30, 2006

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) and enhancements to the existing Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5).

These new profiles will greatly improve phonebook and dialing handling in the car, making it more convenient and straightforward for drivers, car manufacturers and phone manufacturers to use Bluetooth wireless technology.

PBAP will enable users to access the mobile’s phone book via a hands-free car kit. The user can simply download and browse the phone book from any mobile phone or PDA.

The HFP 1.5 includes common mobile features such as enhanced call control, phone status indicators, response and hold, and information about the subscriber number, along with superior audio quality.

Mobile phones and after-market car kits will be the first products to feature these enhancements, which will be made available later this year. Embedded Bluetooth car kits will most likely be available around 2007.

Users must have a mobile phone with a Bluetooth wireless technology to work with the Bluetooth hands-free solution. According to Context World, 80% of mobile phones will be Bluetooth enabled by 2009.

“Manufacturers and users alike recognize that Bluetooth technology is the perfect solution for hands-free systems; today’s announcement of enhanced Bluetooth functionality will allow richer dialing and driving scenarios, and ensure safe phone handling in the car,” said Michael Foley, Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG.