BodhTree Bets Big on "MIDAS" Touch

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 15, 2008

IT services provider — BodhTree Consulting, has announced the availability of a new Multi Industry Data Anomaly Solution (MIDAS), to help industry solve data completeness, accuracy, and integrity problems which will help save millions of dollars spent on managing unclean data and optimize database utilization. The solution will be available for customers as SaaS (Software as a Service) or as a turn-key solution.

According to Data Warehousing Institute, U.S. businesses lose more than $ 600 billion every year due to poor-quality data. Gartner’s research report of Feb 2008 has predicted that ‘dirty data’ will cause 50% of insurers to have compromised decision-making assumptions by 2012. In this scenario a solution that claims to help save millions of dollars spent on managing unclean data and optimize database utilization is sure to garner some interest.

Sanjeev Gupta, director of BodhTree Consulting said that with MIDAS, industries can now make sure their databases and IT infrastructure is relevant, clean, and well organized to ensure they are not clogging up corporate efficiencies. Sanjeev explained that one of the key drivers behind the development of MIDAS is the burgeoning global data cleansing market segment and the unprecedented growth of data generated by individuals that requires constant optimization attention.

MIDAS is based on an open standard-based J2EE application that uses flexible, scalable, and robust proprietary tools and processes to address issues of data hygiene across industries and verticals. It is designed to meet industry practices like vertical-specific pre-canned data hygiene steps, data connectors, and reports.

Akila Jaikumar, SVP of BodhTree said, “Most data quality management tools are geared to specific verticals. Bodhtree’s offering is generic and can be easily customized to any industry. Its uniqueness comes from its ability to tackle the problem at the root level - the quality of data. Most businesses believe that the use of BI tools solves the data quality problem. However, if the reports generated are based on poor quality data, these tools only help to make bad decisions faster.”

MIDAS is data security compliant that is equivalent to BS-7799 standards, and comes with a role-based access control mechanism (RBAC), secure FTP data transmission channels, and 24/7 global delivery center support. Raghavan Madabhushi, head (SOA & DW) of Bodhtree said, “MIDAS is built on an SOA and JSR 168-compliant architecture with in-built data connectors for industry leading OLTP/ERP/DSS systems like SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Quickbooks, EDI Connectors, JMS, XML, CSV, and MS Excel.