Booleansoft Introduces Digital Signature Solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 21, 2005

Booleansoft Inc., an enterprise secure transaction solutions provider has announced the general availability of Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution.

Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution (DSS) relates to computer systems having remote access technology for allowing a user to gain access remotely to the resources of a computer system and is useful in protecting a user’s sensitive information in electronic commerce and electronic business.

Features of the solution are:

* Low Total Cost of Ownership
* Two-Factor Authentication
* One-Time Passwords
* Advanced Digital Signatures
* Anti-Pharming/ Anti-phishing technology
* Obeys U.S. Federal standards

There are three types of tokens that can be provided with Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution - the USB token, the CD Card token and the CD token.

The solution provides strong authentication, one-time passwords, and digital signatures to end-to-end users across electronic communication networks, also making two-factor authentication available for a comparatively lower total cost of ownership, as per the company.

“We at Booleansoft wanted to make strong authentication affordable for solution providers and their customers, but without making any compromises on security issues. We added extra security features like one-time passwords that don’t make use of scratch codes, plus Anti-Pharming and Anti-Phishing,” said Inge Henriksen, CEO and Chairman, Booleansoft.

Digital Signature Solution was made to satisfy the strong authentication requirements in regards to e-banking, e-business, e-commerce and e-government.