Brands Can't Afford To Ignore Customer Feedback On Mobile

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 23, 2016

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Customer satisfaction is gaining a lot of significance among the enterprises. The rising consumer awareness and stiff competition in the business has compelled organizations to re visit their customer relation strategies. Customer’s feedback has become crucial for enterprises to define their business strategies and therefore, companies are exploring with innovating ways to strengthen their customer connect. In such scenario, simple technologies like mobile are proving helpful for enterprises to understand customers feedback.

Apptentive and SurveyMonkey has published a joined study which highlights the trends in customer feedback policy in the enterprises. The Feedback and Loyalty on the Mobile Frontier report, says that mobile apps are widely being used by customers to give feedback. According to the study, customers association with any particular company is largely depend on the way the company responds to their customers.

According to the study, nearly 98 percent of the survey respondents who prefer to leave feedback for companies directly in-app are likely to do so when prompted. Not only that their feelings are so strong that two-thirds of consumers who prefer to leave feedback in a mobile app expect to be asked. And yet, one-third of businesses surveyed have never asked their customers for feedback.

However, simply asking for feedback is not enough; companies need to acknowledge that the response has been received so that customers feel heard and remain loyal. More than half of respondents who leave feedback in a mobile app are not likely to remain a customer if their feedback goes seemingly ignored. The survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents who do leave feedback in a mobile app never receive a response from the company.

Mobile apps can be a key component in gathering customer feedback.The data shows that apps have a clear impact on driving loyalty. The companies that said they have a mobile app reported lower levels of decline in customer loyalty than companies without an app.

“This data exposes the areas in which companies are failing to meet consumer expectations, and shows the importance and value of meeting customers where they are, namely, on mobile,” said Robi Ganguly, CEO and Co-founder at Apptentive. “We’re excited to publish a report that will help businesses understand the consumer landscape on a deeper level, and offer real ways to engage with customers to harness the power of their feedback”, he added.

There’s a clear discrepancy between the way companies and their customers think about feedback. More than 55 percent of respondents said they are not likely to continue being a customer of a company that ignores their feedback, but on the flip side, nearly 97 percent said they are somewhat likely to become more loyal patrons to a company that implements their feedback. There exists a clear opportunity for companies to turn their customer feedback into action, whether it be through product changes, communication or any other avenue, the study stated.

The majority of respondents said they are not confident they are heard after leaving feedback: about two-thirds of respondents typically don’t receive a feedback response, and 62 percent say they are not confident their feedback is heard. In contrast, nearly three-fourths of companies believe they are good at implementing feedback, so clearly there is discrepancy between businesses and their customers.

“The survey findings remind us that companies must place more emphasis on reviewing and responding to customer feedback, not just collecting it,” said Jeffrey Coleman, SurveyMonkey’s Director of Customer Success. “The data shows that acting on feedback helps create a loyal customer base. Businesses would be wise to take stock of their current processes for handling feedback and adapt them to meet the expectations of today’s customers, especially on their mobile platforms.”