Breach Candy Upgrades IT Architecture

by Sonal Desai    Dec 29, 2008

As a part of automation, Breach Candy, a 173 bedded multi-specialty hospital in south Mumbai is upgrading its IT architecture.

Besides setting up a disaster recovery site, the hospital s IT department is enhancing the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) with the aim of improving its customer relationship management (CRM).

Vijay Krishna, CEO at Breach Candy in a recent conversation with said that disaster management is the biggest bane of IT. All data has to be put on a server somewhere. A back-up is a must. Our data center is within the premise. And the DR? We have six blocks in the premise. We will set up the DR in one of these blocks.

The back-up site will be up and running in the next couple of months. Presently, all the records are stored on CDs. But after a certain point, we felt the need for a comprehensive back-up system, and hence the disaster recovery. All the modules on the HIMS will be gradually shifted on DR.

The hospital wants to make available records, history and related data to the patient and his doctor at the click of a button. For that, it has started providing patient history and records in a CD. Whenever a patient has to travel, he need not carry bulky files and folders along. A CD will provide all the information, said Krishna.

Patients will be given unique login-ids and passwords to access information on the HIMS, as also to access content in the CD. Even doctors will not have access to the logins and passwords, said he.

The initiative will be taken a step further, and the hospital will soon be able to integrate the medical billing details into the CD. The information will contain records of fees charged by doctors, the medical bills, etc, right from the time of admission till discharge. The facility is a part of the phase two of the HIMS project, and will go live by March 2009.

Krishna said that the hospital has spent upwards of Rs 50 lakh in the last two years on the upgradation project.

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