Business Without Wires

by Hanil Manghani    Aug 18, 2006

While laptops, PDAs and smart phones offer features, functionalities and power to encourage ‘unwired’ businesses, mobile users’ needs have evolved beyond basic email access to encompass access to corporate resources like CRM, ERP, SFA applications, besides databases.

Sybase, having achieved success at database and information management, is helping organizations accelerate and enhance business processes using unwired and instantaneous exchange of crucial information and processes with its ‘Wireless Enterprise’ initiative.

The wireless technology empowers organizations to capture, distribute and deliver information anywhere in a secure, automatic and instant manner, linking vital information resources across the enterprise and synchronizing the flow of data - whether online, offline or occasionally connected - while staying in compliance with existing risk management and regulatory measures.

“It was a very natural progression for us - from database management, and information management, the next logical step was to create an Unwired Enterprise, moving business-critical information back and forth securely from the data center to the end device, delivering it to the right person - anytime, anywhere,” said Balaji Jagannathan, Country Director - India & Subcontinent, Sybase.

Sales associates of Hyundai Department Store use PDAs to assist customers, right from checking stock to processing the sale, eliminating the need for queuing. Courier giant FedEx makes its online package tracking, drop-off location finder and other mission-critical capabilities available on mobile handheld devices in multiple languages across the globe. These are just two examples of wireless technology at work.

Closer home, Centre for Railway Information Systems has used the technology for its Unreserved Ticketing System project, allowing passengers to purchase unreserved tickets from any booking station to any Indian Railway destination up to 30 days in advance.

Key to enabling the ‘anytime, anywhere’ requirements of the modern enterprise is Sybase’s iAnywhere suite. The scalable platform delivers capabilities like heterogeneous mobile email delivery, mobile device management, security and enterprise application enablement.

Being interoperable means it works with a large variety of devices, connectivities and applications. Its open, cross-platform technologies enable existing databases, applications, middleware and mobile device platforms to work together, regardless of whether the computing environment is centralized, distributed, mobile or a mix of all three.

According to Jagannathan, the key inhibitors to widespread use of the technology in India are a lack of widespread and readily available connectivity, perceived security issues and a reluctance to spend on providing PDAs to the workforce. However, with rapid evolution of the telecom sector, and fall in instrument prices, these are fleeting problems, since the overall response has been positive.

Having made inroads in key verticals like banking, financial services, telecommunications, government, transportation/ logistics & services sectors, Sybase now intends to focus on growing markets of retail, pharma, healthcare and SMBs.