C-DAC Initiatives for NE Region

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 05, 2009

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has inaugurated its PARAM Sheersh Supercomputing Facility at North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), which will aid in conducting research in strategic areas of weather, seismic, bio-informatics, physics, computational fluid dynamics, material sciences, life sciences etc.  The facility will also serve as a core back-bone
platform for students, faculty and researchers of the region to develop core competencies
and skills in the above mentioned areas. 

The facility features 4 TF peak supercomputing power along with 10 TB high performance storage scratch space, and 24 TB on-line storage. The entire environment such as datacenter and associated equipments has been established by C-DAC. The facility has C-DAC’s indigenously designed and developed low latency PARAMNet-3 switch along with NIC, drivers, software, etc.  Back-up network based on Infiniband is also present.  The management capability is over Gigabit Ethernet.  The system primarily has a lot of open source tools, software along with C-DAC’s own resource access and management portal. 

C-DAC has also released a product called Cure@Home for the region on this occasion which will minimise burden on health care delivery system. It is a decision support system with a knowledge base of integrative (Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga) medicine to address the healthcare needs of a common man. It can be deployed on personal computers or at kiosks as a health educational tool also. It offers home remedies for diseases and symptoms, as well as advice on diet and lifestyle according to constitution, diseases, seasons etc. The features also include a multimedia gallery for easy perception and interactive applications like Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) calculator, immunisation scheduler, expected date of delivery calculator.

C-DAC has initiated a number of projects specially meant for NE region in the last one year.  Medha Dhurandhar, chief coordinator (NE projects), C-DAC said, "The NE region is a high priority area of development for C-DAC. Cure@Home is a product that is borne out of the cooperation between C-DAC’s experts as well as resource persons from the NE region. This partnership only strengthens our resolve to continue to work together and develop new products and technologies that shall not only benefit the common man but also create new opportunities for the development of the region."

C-DAC is also showcasing several other products in technology areas like high performance computing, language technology, geomatics, applied artificial intelligence, information and communication technologies and so on. Several of these products have been deployed in real life environments and have been widely accepted.