CA Announces Support For IBM's z/OS Release 1.7

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 03, 2005

Computer Associates International, Inc. has announced “day one” support for IBM’s z/OS and z/OS.e version 1.7 across all its mainframe software product line.

“As the role of the mainframe continues to evolve and a new generation of IT professionals takes charge of the data center, it is essential to further simplify and automate management of z/OS resources,” said Vincent Re, senior vice president and chief architect for CA. CA is uniquely fulfilling this objective with a complete range of mainframe management solutions that enable smooth, timely implementation of the latest OS releases from IBM, he added.

The support, announced Friday, will include all CA products designed to simplify z/OS management and enhance qualities of service.

z/OS V1.7 runs on the following IBM System z9 and zSeries servers or equivalents:
* z9-109
* z900
* z990
* z800
* z890

z/OS.e V1.7 runs only on the zSeries 800 (2066), the zSeries 890 (2086), or comparable non-IBM servers and must execute in z/Architecture (64-bit) mode.