Canary Hunts Down Wi-Fi Signals

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 01, 2004

Canary Wireless’ Digital Hotspotter is the first Wi-Fi finder to make an impact on the wi-fi network. Its unique feature is a liquid-crystal-display screen that provides details about any wireless networks it finds.

Wi-Fi finders have become the new rage as they are tiny enough to hang on to a keychain yet able to sniff out wireless signals with the push of a button. This saves students and travelers the trouble of pulling out and booting up their laptops just to see if Wi-Fi networks are available. But most such finders are limited. They blink when spotting a signal and maybe show signal strength (a clue to a network’s proximity) but add little extra information.

The Hotspotter is capable of displaying the network’s name (or SSID, short for service set identifier), whether the network is open or closed. If its closed, it displays what kind of encryption it is using or what channel it is on, displaying signal strength, too.

If it detects several signals, it will analyze all of them. Keep pushing its button to read network profiles in sequence.

Canary Wireless claims its Wi-Fi detector is the first to feature such “smart signal analysis.” If so, it surely might not be alone for long.

The device is available for purchase now for about $50, but delays should be expected because the vendor says it’s back-ordered. See canarywireless

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