CAP Gemini E & Y and MS develop Score-office

by Swapna Khanna    Feb 25, 2004

CAP Gemini Ernst & Young and Microsoft have developed Score-office, which serves as a smart client.

In order to do away with inherent limitations of an end user interface in a typical ERP environment, CG Ernst and Young, (providers of technology, consulting and outsourcing services) and Microsoft have developed a solution using Microsoft office as a front end, which serves as a Smart client for ERP.

The Score - OSC solution has been developed to enable customers to analyze and gain insight into business data. It incorporates Microsoft Office applications like MS Excel or MS Word.

Sundar Balasubramanian, Group Manager - Enterprise Partner Group, Microsoft India said, “This is an integrated reporting solution which leverages the ease of use of Microsoft products, desktop tools and services, enabling organizations to create a more productive working environment.”

Balasubramanian added, “Most ERP’s today have inherent limitations in the interface that they provide to the end user, which in turn diminishes the utility of the ERP. Microsoft Office is a popular interface, which most users are familiar and comfortable with. OSC will help customers analyze and gain insight from business data without having to run through the complexities imposed by an ERP.”

According to Microsoft, OSC will help reduce dependence on expensive ERP licenses, enabling customers to cut costs. It will also help in bringing down the training requirements of end users.

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