Capgemini To Hire 20K Employees From India

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 05, 2017


Multinational IT consulting firm Capgemini is said to hire over 20, 000 workers in India this year, as it moves towards automation. The company has also reportedly re-skilled about 45,000 of its employees until May. Capgemini presently houses about 100,000 workers in India.

“There is a lot of training. We are investing a lot of money in the development of training programs because automation and the integration of automation is leading to a lot of opportunity for our workforce,” Christopher Stancombe, head industrialization and automation, Capgemini, told ET.

At a time when most of the IT companies have been on a firing spree citing digitization and automation, this comes as a respite to the company’s employees. However, IT industry body National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) called the estimated number (56,000) of layoffs by IT companies as grossly exaggerated.

Nasscom claimed that the number of layoffs reported are not in tune with the actual scenario.  It also said that the sector is looking at $350 billion of exports by 2025 and is a net creator of jobs.  “We have been more focused on the positive side. We are seeing that it is releasing people’s time to enable them to do other things -a bit more analytics, customer care. We are seeing a positive influence and a great opportunity for us, clients and employees. Automation is actually increasing demand for people,” said Stancombe. 

Earlier this year, the company was in news for large scale layoffs. As per media reports, the company was looking at laying-off 9000 employees.

“Each year, our employees are evaluated based on strict performance criteria in an objective process, consistent with industry norms, to ensure we are aligned with our customer needs, business priorities, and the overall industry evolution. This leads naturally to a varying number of employees transitioning out of the organization in any given year,” quoted Capgemini.

However, Capgemini said that it has not announced any plans of layoff and expects to recruit more than 20,000 new team members in India this year.

“We are highly committed to continuous talent development and building the capabilities of our employees to help them stay relevant. We continue to accelerate our training programs in 2017 with over 2,000 India employees having already undertaken up skilling and emerging technologies training alone,” a senior spokesperson said.