CDAC Deploys Grid For Cyber Forensics

by Rajendra Chaudhary    May 04, 2006

Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Trivandrum has deployed a Grid Computing technology solution developed by Satyam Computer Services to support the Resource Centre for Cyber Forensics (RCCF) division.

RCCF is engaged in research and development activities in cyber forensics. It was looking for a powerful solution to replace their existing one that ate into valuable computing resources and consumed excess time to crack encrypted files and sensitive data. Hence the grid computing division at Satyam built a prototype application for the center to help it in its initiatives against cyber crime.

The grid middleware used for the project is Grid MP from United Devices, one of Satyam’s alliance partners. Capable of parallel processing, the application was build to run on grid and the solution was tested in Futurus to evaluate the performance and benchmarking the benefits before deployment.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy, consultant, Satyam elaborated on the process involved in grid deployment, “Since we were building a prototype application, it required us to understand the encryption and decryption methodology in order to incorporate the decryption algorithm in the application. Once the algorithm was frozen, and application development was finished a lot of fine tuning was done to improve performance on grid.”

“We had to move away from the traditional ‘bruteforce’ approach to a ‘Dictionary based’ approach to fully benefit from this technology,” added Krishnamoorthy.

Satyam claims that the grid-enabled prototype was 40 times faster than RCCF’s existing application that ran on a stand-alone server. The run time of the application reduced from 3.5 days on the stand-alone to one hour 56 minutes on a grid of 50 nodes, with savings of more than 4000%, said Satyam in a statement.

B. Ramani, Additional Ddirector, CDAC commented, “With access to the kind of power the grid provides, we can unshackle the constraints we were previously bound to and begin thinking of new and innovative ways to approach cyber-forensics.”

Prior to the deployment Satyam also conducted a detailed training course for the grid users and administrators from RCCF.