CES 2016 To Get Smarter, More Innovative

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 04, 2016


From drones, cars and robots to wearables, appliances and TVs, the new technology on display at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) promises to be smarter than ever, more innovative and user-friendly.

CES 2016, the annual technology event , earlier known as Consumer Electronics Show that started in 1967, has become one of the most popular tech events in the last 5-6 years, will commence on Wednesday in Las Vegas. It is likely to see innovation across a range of sectors, from healthcare to autos, connected homes, virtual reality and gaming.

“There are always a couple of winners at CES, and sometimes there are the sleepers that turn out to be the cool thing,” Gartner analyst Brian Blau told AFP, adding that the innovations are “often evolutionary, not revolutionary.”

Companies like LG, Samsung, and Apple and Google are all taking a bigger interest in this space and we might see some more progress along this front, but the big issues of standardisation, safety, security, and privacy all remain.

Drones are also expected to make a splash at CES. Despite strong regulations, these devices are getting more sophisticated, with easy controls and even applications that let them be operated using smartphones.

Electronics makers are also using building smart technology into all manner of devices, allowing them to adapt to how people use them, responding to voice or gesture, for example.

The trend of once-dumb devices getting smarter will continue to include light bulbs, remote controls, thermostats and other devices in the home as well as “wearables” such as jewelry or clothing. ”We are going to see a lot of wearables, and more smart clothes than last year,” Blau said in the report.Samsung and Google-owned Nest were also expected to make moves to be at the center of smart homes, where the market is vexed by the lack of a single standard or system for devices to speak with each other.

Mark Boyadjis of IHS Automotive referred to cars as a “core pillar” of the show. He believes that innovation in cars is changing the way people interact with vehicles, as technology handles more and more aspects of driving.

A record 10 automakers will be showing at CES along with at least 115 automotive tech companies, according to the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the show.CES will also boast a big section devoted to virtual reality, as product makers jump into the trend ahead of the expected releases in 2016 of headsets from Oculus, Sony, and Valve.

It remained to be seen whether new contenders would step up to challenge “the big three” in VR, but CES goers would likely see uses of the technology extended beyond gaming, according to Blau.