Chatbots To Usher In A New Era in Personal Advertising

by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Mar 21, 2017


Intelligent technology and machine learning, along with an innundation of data, has given rise to new generation of advertising. Bots and Chatbots are being integrated to different technologies and function of the Ad world taking personal advertising to an altogether new level.

According to Gartner, the term “bots” is relatively new, but the technology has been around for quite a while. A bot is a small piece of code or an app that does one thing really well. It’s possible to create bigger, more complex apps by combining multiple bots and building them up as you would with lines of code. AI and bots give technology a voice, and the ability to converse with bots transforms the customer experience. Bots will use AI to manage unstructured data and complex tasks. Then we would see chatbots coming in and will further change the very language of advertising.

Chatbots, a specific type of bot tailored to human interaction, use AI to process language. A chatbot can speak and understand speech and will parse what humans say and attempt to understand a request. Chatbots then communicate with other machines to task them with the question and return the answer to the human. This technology offers a new human interface, which is particularly interesting since much of the current human interaction with technology is through a screen, a very old-fashioned approach. Interacting with chatbots won’t require any particular setup; the technology will simply understand and do as the human asks.

Chatbots are already doing some incredible things like operating helplines of various market verticals such as medical, banking, food and hospitality etc. In April last year, Facebook announced its widely expected Messenger Platform to help businesses build intelligent chatbots to let companies and users communicate in Messenger. And in September last year Facebook added in-app purchase functionality to its messenger platform wherein bots allow complete purchases for users entirely within the platform.

With the likes of companies as Facebook playing in this category, chatbots will become even more every day. Chatbots will show up more prominence in 2017 says experts as they are increasingly gaining popularity and have attracted marketers’ attention. They have been useful in addressing the pain points of customers such as smooth customer service during the entire purchasing process.

Not just that, chatbots are now found to be emotionally smarter as well with companies using them for sales and services. With the ongoing progress made in technologies chatbots are resembling humans more and more. According to a Tech World report, machine-learning based programs such as Affectiva’s first computer uses a camera or webcam to identify parts of human faces (eyebrows, the corners of eyes, etc), classify expressions and map them onto emotions like joy, disgust, surprise, anger, and so on, in real time.

Noted technology author and analyst Matt Schlicht mentioned in his blog post that Bots must provide Business Intelligence by performing Sentiment Analysis on customer interactions. In China there is a bot called Xiaoice, built by Microsoft, that over 20 million people talk to. Similarly there are News bot that tell you whenever something interesting happens.  (click here to read more)

Advertisements will now have a human touch to it by having a human conversation and will not just be in the form of banners and videos. The new era of advertising will embrace personal selling to an extent never imagined before.