Checkpoint's New Solution For Retail Segment

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 12, 2006

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., provider of radio frequency-based product identification and shrink management solutions for retailers, unveiled CheckPro Manager VisiPlus, an integrated people counter to help retailers better understand store traffic patterns chain-wide.

The new solution monitors the number of people coming and going through store aisles. Tallies are captured, stored and transmitted to the Checkpoint data center at scheduled intervals on a chain-wide basis.

The management may then access and analyze the information online to determine appropriate staffing levels and measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns in attracting customers at individual stores, or across all stores within a retail chain. The data may also be used to integrate into a store’s POS system to determine sales conversion rates.

“CheckPro Manager VisiPlus responds to retailers’ need for quantitative data to improve operations and reduce costs. By enabling managers to monitor individual stores and chain-wide activity from a single vantage point, the product increases the utility and maximizes the bottom-line benefits of Checkpoint’s state-of-the-art in-store technology,” said Marianne O’Brien, VP & GM - shrink and merchandising management solutions, Checkpoint Systems.

Mounted to the underside of Checkpoint Liberty EAS system, CheckPro Manager VisiPlus captures bi-directional people counts. The counter can work without a reflector or receiver, retailers gain secure online access to the information through CheckPro reporting platform, where the numbers are consolidated and translated into easy-to-read reports and graphs.