CIO KLUB celebrates 2nd anniversary

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 29, 2010

The CIO KLUB, an CIO Association’s initiative; a strong group of 425 CIOs spanning Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Pune today announced that it celebrated its second anniversary on 23 April 2010. This year again, the KLUB along with Ernst & Young, as knowledge partners conducted the ‘Enterprise IT investment trends survey 2010′ to gauge the IT spending of companies in the financial year FY 2010-11.
The detailed report on survey findings, which captures current sentiments and trends vis- -vis information technology, was presented to commemorate the occasion. The 2nd annual survey in continuation of the CIO KLUB member community received an overwhelming participation and response from a number of KLUB members.
This year’s study is based on a survey of over 125 CIOs conducted in April 2010 which provides an objective assessment of the IT spend in the FY 2010-11. It provides meaningful insights into various IT trends and initiatives that the member companies are planning and provides comparison within the community.
The information presented in the survey is valuable to the product vendors, system integrators and professional services firms for understanding this community’s IT spend plans for FY 2010-11.
Ernst & Young, as knowledge partners, have assisted the CIO KLUB in preparing the relevant questionnaire, collating responses and analysis of data. Being an independent consulting firm with vast experience in IT consulting, Ernst & Young was uniquely positioned to provide this assistance.
The study provides an insight into Strategic investments in new solutions/ technologies, Investment priorities in upgrades/ new purchases and maintenance of Hardware, Licenses, Security devices, Business applications, Operating systems, Storage solutions, Network devices and bandwidth, IT outsourcing.
Vikas Gadre, VP, CIO KLUB stated ‘The Enterprise IT Investment Trends Survey 2010 provides insights and CIOs strategy, plans, priorities and initiatives to address the challenge of enabling business growth and containing costs at the same time.’
To this Radhakrishna Pillai, Treasurer, CIO KLUB added post-recession, India has seen accelerated recovery as compared to the other global economies and organizations are again charting along the growth path. Hence, from ‘keeping the light on’, IT organizations are embracing new IT initiatives that support organizations growth strategy.’
On this occasion Shirish Gariba, Secretary, CIO KLUB said on growth & future road map, ‘Today CIO KLUB is poised to scale up in terms of location spread, breadth of membership and building new alliances. More emphasis would be laid on knowledge sharing and also avenues of spreading this knowledge to other members of IT departments are being setup.’
The evening began with welcome by Ashish Chauhan, President, Governing Body, CIO KLUB, followed by Keynote by Mahesh Chauhan, Group CEO, Rediffusion YR Pvt. Ltd., unveiling of Enterprise IT Investment Trend - 2010 survey and presentations by the sponsors. Shirish Gariba, Secretary and Vilas Pujari, Joint Secretary of the club presented the 2nd year journey and the future road map with Arun Gupta, President Mumbai Council and Ajay Dhir, President, Delhi Council. The presentations concluded with vote of thanks by Anwer Bagdadi, Governing Body Member.

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