CIOs Must Gear Up For Challenges Of 2020

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 20, 2014


Business technology is fast evolving marketing strategies, thereby redefining the role of the chief information officer (CIO). As businesses are being increasingly influenced by how technology is consumed or adopted, it is imperative for the information officers to design and implement smart strategies that are information driven and contextual too.

Forrester predicts that by 2020, the emergence of business technology will end the power of the traditional CIOs. The technology departments will shrink and that would lead to unemployment and CIOs would face the challenge of retraining the staff.

While there would be pressure on maintaining the right staff, organizations would be forced to build the digital business for greater agility and customer value.

Forrester goes on to predict the rise of software and cloud services.

While that happens, Forbes reported an IDC prediction that states 60% of CIOs in global organizations will be supplanted by the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for the delivery of IT-enabled products and digital services.

However, IDC feels the CIO needs to work a bit harder to retain the power. In a webinar it stated that “some CIOs will find an opportunity to expand their role leveraging their experience in setting strategy, innovation, and relationships.” There is a whole new set of changes expected in the software landscape. Forrester predicts Cloud leaders like Amazon and Google will build out their software, eventually offering custom-built services similar to the way today’s systems integrators build software solutions. “The IBMs and KPMGs of the world will find Amazon their toughest competitor,” Forrester says.

Pearl Zhu in a blogpost writes the CIO is translated as Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Influence Officer or Chief Intrepreneur Officer., etc, “IT is closely engaged with the business, working in partnership to develop the art of the possible. So the CIO and IT leadership team must “get” the business.” 

Forrester says that in the future vendors would won’t just sell their products. Instead, they’ll attempt to dominate elements of the  customer lifecycle. “We’ll see packaged app suites for discovery, for service, and for closing the sale,” says Forrester.

With the increased dependence on technology, the focus of CIOs would certainly be on simplifying the processes.