CIOs Need Effective Management To Cut Printing Costs

by Ankush Sohoni    Jan 20, 2005

Most IT departments are unaware of how much they actually spend for printing purposes. The lack of a comprehensive printing and output management strategy often leads to increased costs and decreased productivity.

According to P.G. Kamath, GM- Lexmark International India Pvt Ltd., “When it comes down to an enterprise’s printing needs, only 5% is the acquisition cost. The rest of the 95% is management cost. The task at hand here, is effective manageability of printer resources, for example effective use of cartridges, paper, etc.”

According to Kamath, the old ways of working with printers involved disparate buying. This eventually led to many difficulties in managing within the given budget, since a lot of time would be wasted in addressing the problems. Moreover, the need for an inventory and a maintenance team would compound matters further.

Kamath advises CIOs to adopt a strategy, which involves heavy convergence. “CIOs should look for products that offer better manageability and integration. The biggest problem within an enterprise is wastage of resources. It does not make sense to have a printer at every table, with employees literally wasting resources on unnecessary printouts.”

He added, “However, what does make sense is having a solution, which allows the CIO or administrators to list every print order in a queue, so that unnecessary print orders can be cancelled or at least administered.”

“Also, confidentiality features also make a lot of sense such as setting up security privileges. This way a CIO can separate out the personnel that he approves of using the printer and who he doesn’t. Also, scalability is a big issue. A product that freely allows add-ons would definitely make more sense as opposed to a product that is set and non-upgradeable.”

CIO’s at the end have to be careful as to how they utilize their technologies. Careless management and disparate buying are definitely not the key. Kamath explains, what CIO’s need to look at are printing solutions that offer better management features and functionality.

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