CIOs should get serious about mobile device management: Gartner

by CXOtoday Staff    May 11, 2012

Enterprise CIOs must include Mobile Device Management (MDM) as one of their top IT priorities, stated a recent report by Gartner. The report noted that with the increasing usage of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in workplaces, the security of data on mobile devices has become a big concern for CIO/IT managers. And this is compelling them to consider MDM as a crucial discipline in organisations.
“The era of fully supporting company-owned devices is giving way to an era of “managed diversity” in which tiered support for employee-owned, consumer-class devices is the norm,” said Terrence Cosgrove, Research Director - Gartner. According to him, with the phenomenal growth of consumerisation, CIOs need to implement MDM to enhance the security and functionality of mobile communications network. In other words, the new technology will allow them to have a complete control of the corporate-owned devices as well as employee-owned devices in organisations.
The report noted that owing to the complexity of enterprise mobile devices, organisations must hire a special group, like the chief security officers, to monitor the security landscape. This special group or individuals should coordinate with CIOs/IT managers on a regular basis to understand users’ demand for new types of mobile devices and address issues on how these mobile services can have an impact on the security of the organisation.
The report further stated that organisations are moving from the traditional approach of controlling mobility to a more flexible approach that supports a variety of mobile devices found in organisations. This is what Gartner calls “managed diversity”. According to Cosgrove, this is the only approach that can help CIOs have the control over mobility and support the bring-your-own-device program. He added that the key to this strategy is to provide an appliance service that offers support for both personally-owned devices and corporate devices.
Gartner observed that although some MDM vendors and products have been around for a while, the technology is still at a nascent market but has a strong growth potential. At present, there are over hundred MDM vendors globally, most offering on-premises or software-as-a-service tools. The report indicated that in the next 3 years, more mature managed services will emerge to drive the growth in the industry. The research firm predicted that by the end of 2012, pure MDM revenue will exceed $500 million and this excludes the revenue relating to messaging and security.
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