CIOs should leverage an MSPs capabilities to become business leaders

by Sharon Lobo    Jul 29, 2013

As information plays a crucial role in an organization, similarly datacenters, which store and process humongous data, is crtical for an IT ecosystem to exist. Datacenters located in the western or in a handful of far-east countries were considered to be ideal locations by businesses. However, in the last few years, a new generation of pureplay datacenter companies in India have sprung up, such as CtrlS, which prides itself to have the Asia’s largest Tier IV datacenter network.

In an exclusive interview to CXOtoday, Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman & MD, CtrlS, shares his thoughts on the evolution of datacenters and why Tier IV datacenters are more suitated for the Indian business environment.

1. How did you decide on building Asia’s largest Tier IV datacenter network in the country?

2. What are the hurdles in leveraging renewable sources of energy such as solar for datacenters in India?

3. Does it make sense to reach out to other CXOs apart from CIOs, since cloud changes the dynamics of IT consumption in an organization?

4.How do you compete with SIs who have datacenters, and have a ready pool of skillsets and customers they can tap in to?

5. How comfortable are MNCs in India when it comes to partnering an Indian datacenter company?

6. Could you share your global expansion plans?

7. What is your Leadership Mantra?