CIOs Should Wear More Hats: Gartner

by Prabhu Ram    Mar 02, 2009

IT investments must continue, but must be made towards cost saving and consolidation applications, said Naveen Mishra, senior research analyst at Gartner.

CIOs will shoulder responsibility in bringing down organization cost, and this will lead to IT investments in virtualization technology, he said.

Organizations both large and medium size in India should invest in virtualization on their existing applications thereby reducing operation cost in the long run. Virtualization technology in matured markets such as US and Europe has reached up to 20% and is growing significantly but in India adoption is in single digit.

He said that the technology comes in range of offerings (such as virtualization 1.0), and enterprises both large and middle size can adopt based on their requirement.

Responding to why enterprises in India are still lacking in use of virtual technology, he quoted a recent survey by Gartner study which said that large and medium enterprises were interest in deploying the technology. However, the factors that inhibit them from investing are when they look for short term ROI. It has acquisition cost, this is the major concern for CFO and CEO.  A CIO needs to prove his creditability by explaining the long term benefits such technologies offer in long run.

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