CIOs to increase focus on sustainable datacentres in 2013

by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 17, 2012

sustainable datacentresData center managers and CIOs face a growing challenge when it comes to datacenter efficiency. With surging electricity costs and rise in data consumption rates in organizations, efficiency is becoming a major priority in the data center. CIOs have now begun to realize that data storage can no longer be put on the back burner and therefore in 2013, the focus will be on improving the efficiency of their datacentres so as to get the best value from their investments. Analysts believe that use of efficient internal IT approaches like virtualisation, software-defined networks (SDNs) and the use of converged infrastructure solutions can help solve this major challenge.

Towards sustainable datacentre
Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst at Ovum stated in his report on efficient datacenters, the sustainable datacentre market will see significant growth in 2013 with a focus on cost-savings. A recent report from Symantec on the storage market in 2013 also emphasized that SDNs will define and drive the future of datacenter computing, increasing its agility, performance and scale. In this regard, datacentre infrastructure management or DCIM has a huge role to play in datacenter efficiency. Ovum report noted that although DCIM represents a small market today, it will become more widely used by 2013.

“Energy will represent a huge fraction of the cost base with enterprises increasingly looking to save cost,” according to Illsley.

Convergence is the key
According to Bhujay Kumar Bhatta, General Manager - IT Services at ITC Infotech India Ltd, convergence is the key to a sustainable data center. “Siloed infrastructure that was used in the good old days is almost coming to an end. The proliferation of server virtualization and the rise of IP storage dictates that the shift is towards a converged datacenter that helps in streamlining application delivery and increase efficiency,” he says.

Fully virtualized datacenter
Analysts believe in 2013 and thereafter, the trend will be towards total virtualisation of all layers in the datacentre, from the database to storage. The Symantec study predicts that enterprises of all sizes will evaluate and adopt multiple hypervisors into their virtualization and computing environments. “This hypervisor diversity will cause specific hypervisor point tools to be ripped out and replaced by platforms with more capabilities that support multiple hypervisors, physical, virtual, snapshot and cloud based infrastructures for backup, recovery and management,” according to the study. This can cause tremendous cost savings. As a result, more SMBs will also move towards a virtualized environment using multiple hypervisors in both testing and production environments.

On-premise datacentres to stay
With many big enterprises moving their datacenter to the cloud, analysts believe that data centers will not be enclosed by walls in the days to come. But Debasis Nayak, CIO, Asian School of Cyber Laws believe that cloud storage will never fully replace on-premise storage owing to network latencies. Therefore, the hype surrounding cloud computing will not bring an end to the internal datacentre. Currently, lack of interoperability and portability has affected cloud adoption. “This scenario is highly unlikely to change unless workloads between cloud technologies become truly portable in 2013 or security and privacy concerns evaporate,” says Illsey in his report.

Therefore, the coming of 2013 will see an increased focus on sustainable data center, where enterprises will invest in these technologies and trends to enhance data center efficiency so as to reduce their overall costs.