CIOs Tussle with Data Backup in Virtualised Environment

by CXOtoday Staff    May 07, 2012

According to a recent survey by Quantum, about 90 percent CIOs and IT managers are facing problems in backing up their data in a virtualised environment. The research findings indicated a 5 percent increase in the reported difficulties with data backup by CIOs and IT managers in comparison to the Quantum survey findings that was conducted 18 months ago.

The recent survey also revealed that data growth remains a challenge for CIOs/IT managers who deployed server virtualisation in their firms. Even though virtualisation has its own set of benefits, 41 percent of respondents in the reported that it leads to an overload of data. Nearly 24 percent CIOs mentioned that they were compelled to reengineer the existing storage environment after adopting virtualisation, mainly due to interoperability issue. Only 10 percent respondents said that server virtualisation they did not face any difficulty with the technology.

Robert Clark, Senior VP-Data Protection Group, Quantum said that the benefits of virtualisation are already known, and therefore, an increased number of businesses are looking to extend these benefits to their environments. However, he pointed out that as per the results of the survey while IT decision makers are adopting the technology as part of their data center strategy, they often encounter unforeseen challenges, mainly with data protection.

“We’ve spent the past year creating solutions that simplify backup in virtual environments so organizations can take full advantage of the benefits of virtualisation,” said Clark.

Compared to Quantum’s 2010 survey, the latest survey results suggest that while a lesser number IT managers experience higher energy demands (21 percent in 2012 as against 31 percent in 2010) and data bottlenecks (22 percent in 2012 as against 30 percent in 2010) as a result of server virtualisation, they are paying more in terms of software costs to address these issues. Finally, one in four IT managers reportedly experience backup problems at their remote branch offices after deploying server virtualisation technology.