Cisco updates its enterprise networking franchise

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 25, 2013


As cloud and mobile trends continue to heighten the demand for quicker applications and services, Cisco is evolving its portfolio to respond immediately to the needs of applications. Today the company took another significant step, introducing new and updated Cisco Catalyst switching and Integrated Services Router products for its enterprise networking solutions.

The products are part of the new Cisco enterprise networks architecture, which enables applications to get the networking information they need to offer more services to end users with less hands-on administration from IT professionals.

The architecture expands the scope of Cisco’s Open Network Environment (ONE), a portfolio-wide strategy that applies software programmability to ASICs, operating systems, networking functions, and services across the datacenter, WAN and LAN.

Cisco is updating its entire service provider and enterprise networking portfolio to become open and programmable, and today’s news addresses the campus and branch portion of that transition.

Cisco ONE enterprise networks architecture

Cisco ONE is Cisco’s portfolio that addresses SDN and, more broadly, incorporates programmability across the network infrastructure to enable innovation, investment protection and lower operating expenses. Within the enterprise, the Cisco ONE Enterprise Network Architecture brings openness and programmability to the campus and branch, making them more agile, high-performance, and application-savvy, all while adding value to existing network resources.

A key element of the Cisco ONE strategy is the onePK API toolkit, which allows developers to create networking applications that help business applications. This open API combined with the control services layer, allow application developers to view the network as a single entity, so they can write applications once and run them across multiple network environments whether wired or wireless, with consistent application performance.

“Network intelligence, simplicity and innovation will be the key factor in unlocking new business opportunities and competitive differentiation for our customers,” said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Enterprise Networking Group.