Citrix gung-ho about enterprise mobile app market

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Jun 18, 2010

The market for enterprise applications for mobile and handheld devices in India is set to explode and the availability of the iPad will only boost this market, says Sanjay Deshmukh, area VP of Citrix Systems.

Late last month, application delivery provider — Citrix Systems, entered into a partnership with Software FX, a BI manufacturer to deliver a business intelligence solution to smartphones. Though the service is not available in India currently, Sanjay Deshmukh, area VP of Citirx Systems, believes there is nothing stopping the mobile application market from growing in India.

Enterprise mobility is still nascent in India, though there have been a few successful deployments. However, it definitely looks as if the market is going to expand in the future with enterprises becoming aware of the benefits of mobility. A major factor that could boost this market will be the iPad and the iPad 3G, when they are introduced in India, opines Deshmukh. "We saw a rise in the consumption of mobile applications in the US after the release of the iPad. With that in mind, I would say that a similar thing could happen in India too," he said.

Citrix is currently talking with various vendors for delivering banking applications, ERP, etc. to mobile devices. "One of our customers, Perfetti Van Melle, is using our systems to deliver SAP BI to its workforce on mobile devices. So, there is nothing to stop Indian companies from exploring this option. All you need is our app (Citrix Receiver), which is available as a free download, and a Citrix virtualization infrastructure at the data center," explained Deshmukh.

Citrix Receiver allows devices like BlackBerry, Android, iPad, etc. to connect to the Citrix server and use whichever application the user wants.