Citrix Redefines Business Strategies Post Restructuring

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Jul 06, 2016

Parag Arora Citrix Systems is back on the track with its refocused and reorganized business strategies post restructuring. With the new leadership in place at a global level, Citrix is now focusing on becoming a complete software solution company that would serve emerging business and technology needs of enterprises. India, one of the key contributors to the global revenue of the company, is a significant growth region for Citrix and the company is focusing on building resources to strengthen its business in the country.  

Parag Arora, Area VP and Country head, India subcontinent, Citrix said that coming out of the sheds of its legacy business of Desktop Virtualization, the company is now heading towards becoming a leading player in the space of End User Computing, Cloud, Mobility and Networking. He said that enterprise cloud file sync & share (EFSS) is one of the emerging business for Citrix and the company intends to tap market opportunities in this business segment. 

“We are not only focusing on our legacy business of desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization is one of the offering in our whole gamut of product portfolio. We want to become a leading solution provider in the space of mobility, virtualization and end user computing. We are investing a lot in networking. We are also building our own Cloud, where we want to create a VaS platform. Apart from that we see huge market opportunities in EFSS”, Arora said. 

Citrix’s is focusing on the enterprise cloud with key products including NetScaler, XenServer and Citrix Workspace Cloud. The company sold its CloudPlatform, CloudStack and CloudPortal Business Manager to Accelerite an enterprise infrastructure software provider company in March this year. The company said that the partnership would help Citrix to grow its cloud business. In a blog post, Citrix said it was “extremely confident” that Accelerite deal would be good for customers. The company further stated that “it would work with Accelerite to continue to integrate CloudPlatform with XenServer, NetScaler and Citrix Workspace Cloud.”

“We intend to deliver integrated services platform to our enterprise customers. We are focusing on building integrated services platform where we can deliver data, applications, cloud not only on premise but on private and public cloud. The partnership with Accelerite will help us grow out own readiness and we will leverage on their platform to build our own cloud portfolio”, Arora said. 

Talking about impacts of the restructuring on the India business of the company, Arora said that the transition has enhanced the operational efficiency of the company. On the move of laying off 1000 full-time and contract positions, he said that the decision hardly impacted employees in India. 

“The restructuring was a very strategic steps towards redefining our strengths and making sure that we are focusing on the right opportunities and growth areas.  We had to let some people go on a global level, however, from India perspective the impact of layoff is very negligible. India remains a key growth market for Citrix and we will continue to invest in the country”, Arora said.

As part of the restructuring, Citrix Systems in November 2015 announced that that it will spin off its GoTo family of products, creating a separate and publicly traded company in a move that is expected to be completed in the second half of the year. Arora said that the decision was crucial to bring efficiency in the business operations. 

“The DNA of the GoTo business was completely different from the DNA of Citrix’s core business. Citrix is more an enterprise firm and the GoTo line of product portfolio was more suitable for the mid-market and SMBs and even SOHO. Therefore, the global leadership decided to keep this business separate from the core business of Citrix in order to unleash the value of the two companies. The idea behind the spin-off is to bring higher efficiency in the business operations”, he said. 

Talking about his roadmap for Citrix India business, Arora said that India is one of the important growth markets and the company is making huge investments in its marketing and channel strategy. 

“Since Kirill Tatarinov has taken over the role of CEO, he has brought a lot of energy and now we are very much focused on our Go-to market strategy. India is a very important market for Citrix. We have a huge engineering capabilities in the country. We are gaining a significant market share in the networking and mobility business in India. There are a lot of investments coming in various business segments. Apart from the the Government sector is the big investment segment we will be focusing on”, Arora said.