Cloud-based solutions and RMIT services to lead APAC SMB ICT spending growth in 2011

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 08, 2011

Managed ITThe year 2011 will see SMBs in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) taking a serious approach towards the adoption of cloud-based solutions and remote managed IT services (RMITS), stated a series of studies conducted by AMI-Partners. According to the study the top 10 SMB ICT spending is either cloud-based or RMITs-related; also the video conferencing, SaaS productivity, and remote managed PC services are leading the way.

SMBs in countries with strong connectivity and Internet infrastructure benefit most from SaaS-based solutions and RMIT services, believes Daniel Sim, Director of Strategic Engagements at AMI-Partners. “A good Internet infrastructure is key to rapid adoption of Cloud-based solutions and RMITS. Technology vendors offering cloud-based solutions and RMITS will find it necessary to work with infrastructure service providers even more now than before to explore go-to-market approaches in reaching out to these SMBs,” he added.

AMI Intelligence suggests Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) SMBs currently in Wave II of ICT adoption are the best segment for cloud-based solutions and RMITS vendors to target. Wave II SMBs are currently looking at technology that enables them to connect their enterprise to enhance competitiveness. Of the top 10 ICT spending adoption in the region, at least 6 of these cloud-based solutions and RMITS are technology relating to connecting the enterprise. AMI’s 3 Waves of ICT Adoption defines Wave I as building the basic infrastructure, Wave II as connecting the enterprise and Wave III as extending the enterprise.

2011 will see more of these SMBs continuing to be educated regarding how “as-a-service” would impact their businesses in the long run. These SMBs will also weigh the cost of ICT investments in light of service versus ownership. As these SMBs’ mindsets evolve regarding ICT investments, technology vendors need also be reminded that Asia-Pacific SMBs will look at investments in a more accountable and transparent manner. This factor makes these SMBs more cautious and at the same time more informed. Vendors need to balance their go-to-market approach with the right message, the right delivery model and the right solutions for the right target segment.

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