Cloud Computing Gives Vox Populi a Platform

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 19, 2009

If you want to know what the American public wants from the president-elect or if you want to have your say on what the president should do to improve India-US relations, this website could be the answer. The website will act as a forum, enabling the American citizens to express their ideas on a variety of themes, such as energy, healthcare, reduction on the dependence on foreign oil, etc.

It will enable the users to read ideas from other citizens and to promote the ones they like best. The site will bubble the most popular idea to the top of the list and the idea will be presented directly to president-elect Obama and his cabinet following. 

2009 being the election year for India, this might be of inspirational value to the election campaigners of India. The Indian software market having maturing over a period of two decades, in the recent times has adapted to similar modern technologies such as cloud computing and SaaS.

 The website ( was deployed using Salesforce CRM in around four weeks.


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