Cloud telephony helps housing firm double customer base

by Darinia Khongwir    Aug 08, 2013

Cloud Telephony

For any small business, getting calls from customers is of the utmost importance. These calls from interested parties most often than get converted to customers and a lifelong relationship is built based on that one critical phone call. However, the problem arises when there aren’t enough manpower to route those calls to the prospective agents so that they can be serviced.

For Noida-based property development firm, Maxblis, it would regularly buy advertisement space in various media to let customers know of housing properties available for rent or sale. The firm would receive multiple potential customers who wanted further information on the said property. However, without a proper CRM tool in place, many of the calls were not attended, thus losing out on many potential businesses.

 “Earlier, we would hire executives to man the telephones so that they could write the customer’s name and requirement and route it to the concerned agent. The executives would jot down all the information on a diary. These were our log books through which we could view past records of potential customers. This was time-consuming and because of which not all calls could be attended to. Also, for a small company, hiring a lot of executives and EPABX telephony was an expensive affair. Besides, we could not maintain proper customer relationships because of this tedious method,” said Vikas Chawla, VP, Maxblis.

That is when the organization decided to hire a cloud-based service to increase their customer base and hopefully be able to attend to all customers at all times. The housing project firm opted for MCube Track provided by VMC Technologies. It is a cloud-based solution whereby the customer receives a virtual number and using one number all the prospective clients get routed to agents. Answers that go unattended, an automated response helps the customers provide the necessary details so that the field agents can reach out to them at a later time.

“With this solution, we were able to track and monitor all the calls being made to the firm. All the information is being stored in the cloud and we pay a monthly subscription for the service. With this new CRM tool, our business is more hassle-free as we can track and distribute the calls across the floor,” said Chawla.

According to the VP, the return on investment has been almost immediate. With each advertisement space scheduled in the media, the firm has been doubling its customer base. “For every 10 calls that we receive from customers, we are able to convert it to two or three bookings. That is very high number as compared to a time before cloud telephony services,” said Chawla.

With its recent foray into retail housing, Maxblis has also been able to consolidate its customer base all over the country and the solution ensures that no two agents carry out bookings on the same rental space. “Every agent updates the information on the CRM tool and all other agents and brokers and channel partner can see which rental space is still available. That way, it ensures that customers are never disappointed,” said Chawla.

 “And being a cloud-based service, it is highly affordable for small businesses like ours,” concluded Chawla.