Cloud Telephony To Help SMEs Scale New Heights


The latest buzz word in the field of technology has been’ Cloud Telephony’. It is the technology that allows the businesses to replace the traditional telephone equipment with cloud telephony services, thereby, reducing the expense incurred on the infrastructure. Over the last few years, in India, there has been an exponential growth and adaption of cloud telephony.The reason for this is mobility and scalability that is provided by this technology to the SMEs. McKinsey had rightly predicted that after purchasing the CRM, cloud telephony would be the next enterprise software that the businesses would be investing in.

Earlier, contact center technology was limited only to the large enterprises or big BPOs but with the advent of ‘cloud telephony’, this technology is now reaching the SMEs. Cloud telephony is the way contact center technology is made available to the SMEs. This technology helps the SMEs to have the same level of the customer service as a large enterprise or BPO would have. This platform provides application like IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, Dialer, Robo Call, Missed Call, Virtual number etc. with limited customization and integration unlike a full blown premise based contact center platform.According to a study, the worldwide market for cloud based telephony is projected to grow from 5.4 billion USD in the year 2016 to 15.67 by the year2021. 

According to Gartner, the overall global public cloud market will mature, and its growth rate will slightly slow down from 17.2% in the year 2016 to a 15.2% increase in the year 2020. According to another study conducted by Deskera, a global cloud-based business software provider, the Indian public cloud market could hit $1.75billion by the year 2017 which will give a boost to cloud telephony.

Cloud telephonyreplaces the Private Branch Exchange (PBX)and Contact Centers used by large enterprises. Thus, mitigating the companies of several issues such as heavy initial cost, blocking costly office space, maintaining complicated hardware, recruiting costly IT manpower and suffering breakdown time.

Cloud Telephony is fast graduating into a full-fledged Multi-channel or Omni-channel customer engagement platform with most standard providers offering the contact center platform along with Ticketing or LMS systems along with Live Chat, Email Management, SMS and Social Media Plugins and mobile based user interfaces.

Gradually not only the SMEs but also the large enterprises and BPOs are evaluating a full cloud based customer engagement suite which can help them to save the cost incurred on the infrastructure like data centers et al. and also provide a multi geography easily scalable platform. Off late, there has been a growing trend for CRM companies as well as contact center companies to target a complete customer engagement platform and CRM companies to get contact center expertise and vice versa. This will lead to many acquisitions in this space.

The future of this ever growing cloud telephony industry would be shaped by automation tools like automatic speed recognition, text to speech, chat and voice bots and other data analytics on top of this cloud platform.